What did you learn from your first heartbreak?

Thankyou for going
You weren't for me
Those who stay are supposed to stay
Those who go are supposed to go

Rejection is a chisel for perfection
N O is Next Oportunity or New Option
Keep it moving

It's not a heartbreak
It's a heart shape
Nothing can break your heart
Heart is unbreakable
These experiences that you're going through are shaping your heart
for the relationship that would be long lasting
It's fine tuning it, actually
And you need to ask yourself the questions that led you to this situation you were in

But always think about this as
Heart shaping
Heart muolding
Heart developement

There are so many wonderfull  experience to had everywhere
Don't just quit
Don't just worry about the new one 
There are more to come

From : A gentleman from @doseofsociety instagram

You're the source of love, so be kind to your self 

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